Abolition Art Show | Friday March 22nd, 7pm

Sin Barras is hosting an art show on Friday March 22nd to fundraise for our April 6th Speakout + March!

The Art Show will be at 120 West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, CA 95060 and begin at 7pm.

Our house will be filled with inspiring artwork related to prison resistance and social justice more broadly.

We are currently working to end the inhumane conditions in Santa Cruz county jail, where four people have died since August 2012. Check out our Speakout + March page for more information.
Money raised will be used to cover printing costs and gas money for our speakers who are traveling from the Bay to join us here in Santa Cruz.



Kati Teague’s Sr. Art Project | Have You Seen My Mother?

Suggested donation – $5 at the door
If you can’t afford that, any donation is appreciated.

*We will also be selling beer and our freshly printed zine.

Featured artists:
Kati Teague
Cheyenne Epps
Anna Nelson
Noah Miska
Chris Cuadrado
Courtney Hanson
Zora Raskin

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