Photos: Sin Barras Speakout + March | No More Deaths! No Mas Muertes!

Photo: A demonstrator holds a sign in front of the clock tower stating, “Invest in schools and mental health. Not Prisons!”

by Bradley Allen | Indybay
Monday Apr 8th, 2013 1:59 PM

tash + courtney
Tash and Courtney of Sin Barras.

mari + marissa
Mari and Marissa of Good Samaritan Mobile Medics Unit.

mc chris
Our MC, Chris!

cafe huff
Cafe HUFF (Homeless United for Friends & Freedom) tabling literature and coffee from India Joze

warren west
Warren, a local homeless, speaking upon inhumane conditions inside Santa Cruz County Jail and police brutality against homeless communities.

Kati, once a silent victim of incarceration, talks of what it’s like to be a child of an incarnated parent.


Community supporters in Downtown Santa Cruz on Pacific Ave.



The Brass Liberation Orchestra a.k.a. the heartbeat of our march!

Maggie, of our bike brigade, ensuring a safe march.


Becky Johnson, one of the Santa Cruz 11 and an organizing member of HUFF, speaks on local issues of homeless criminalization and abuse.

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