Read In Between The Lines, There Was An Uprising In Guantanamo Bay Yesterday


After a mass hunger strike by 44+ of the 166 detainees that started Feb. 6th and years of peaceful resistance, prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have had enough of the torture, indefinite detention and horrid conditions. The lawyers of the inmates insist that the hunger strike in more widespread and nearly every person at the prison is refusing to eat.

Inmates covered security camera’s and windows and used broomsticks, mop handles and makeshift batons made up of tape and water bottles to clash with guards. 

The violence erupted during an early morning raid at Camp 6 when guards attempted to end communal living and place all inmates in single cells. According to military officials, guards shot 4 ‘non lethal’ weapons at the inmates, 1 of which was injured. Though this should be taken with a grain a salt considering that Guantanamo Bay is where the military is known to torture inmates.

It should also be noted that 87 of the prisoners at Giztmo are cleared for release and 46 other prisoners cannot be prosecuted for a ‘lack of evidence’ according to the U.S. government. In other words, over 80% of the inmates being held at Guantanamo Bay would otherwise be free.

In January of 2013, Obama signed the NDAA 2013 which allows him to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial, which is literally contradicts the constitution, and banned the government from closing Guantanamo Bay. 

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