In Supporting the Hunger Strikers we are Supporting Ourselves

Mark your calendars!
Sunday, July 7th from 2-5pm

Sin Barras has organized an afternoon event for the purpose of education & mobilization around the CA prisoner hunger strikes. Join us for some food, short screenings, presentations, discussion, and artmaking. Learn about life inside US supermax prisons and why prisoners are resuming their strike, this time with work stoppages.

Since the first waves of the strike, which began in July of 2011, the California Department of Corrections has failed to address the prisoners’ demands, despite their promise to do so. The CDC has admitted that the prisoners demands are reasonable but would rather let prisoners die than make reforms.

You can read their five core demands here.

Those inside are resorting to starvation in order to illuminate the reality of their lives and draw attention to the rampant use of torture in US prisons. The California Department of Corrections has already begun to retaliate against prisoners involved in the strike, and outside support is crucial!

*As part of the event, we will be signing people up for carpools to the July 13th rally at Corcoran State Prison. Be part of the Sin Barras contingent, or if you can’t make it, paint a sign for us to take! Let’s be sure people inside know that we are listening and acting in solidarity with them.

Read this article for background & updates on the strike:

Hungry for Reform

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