Sin Barras Zine Release: A Moment of Silence

Sin Barras
January 2015

“A Moment of Silence,” the second edition of our zine.

for those killed
and tortured
by law enforcement,
and for their families,
friends, and lovers.

Download “A Moment of Silence” as a PDF

For a printed copy, contact

Sin Barras is a prison abolition group based in Santa Cruz, California. We are not a registered non-pro t, receive no government or foundation funding, and are unstaffed. We say this immediately because we are organizing in a moment of neoliberal non-profits and constant co-optation, so “grassroots” does not get the point across. We formed in 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA for members of the community that are directly affected by police terrorism and have loved ones in jail and allies dedicated to prison abolition.

We promote community-based interventions that confront interpersonal harm without relying on the police. We fight for prisoner rights and support prisoners’ struggles through art, direct action, and legal strategies that tackle “non-reformist reforms,” reforms that do not participate in criminalization or compromise.

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