Woman inside Santa Cruz County Jail responds to Chief Deputy Wilson

*The woman who wrote this letter has been held in the county jail since June 2014 without trial. She is currently represented by a public defender, and desperately needs a civil rights attorney to help her fight her case effectively. If you have any leads, please email sinbarras@gmail.com as soon as possible.

May 7th, 2015

“I am a pretrial inmate responding to Chief Deputy Craig Wilson’s praise of this jail.

Many staff here do handle immature, abusive, violent, manipulative behavior from inmates with industry, integrity, and compassion, serving people who are often in crisis. However, this system has the same flaws as law enforcement in general. Great autonomy without transparency leads to lack of accountability. Inhumane treatment is an inevitable result. Lazy people taking advantage of secure government employment and those who enjoy exercising power over others use their positions here to capriciously neglect or abuse those in their care, creating problems and extra work for dedicated staff members.

The current centuries-old custody paradigm often rewards bad behavior by both inmates and staff. Innovative new approaches incorporating transparency and accountability to reward good behavior by both inmates and staff could result in a truly humane system and decreased crime rates. It’s worth trying.”


See Chief Wilson’s article here: 

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