Looking for formerly incarcerated people to share their experiences

(Refer also to attached flyer) Interviews need to be conducted in the next 3 weeks!!!

Our colleagues at UC Santa Cruz are currently looking for formerly incarcerated people who are willing to share their experiences in the local jails. The goal of their research study is to learn about the medical care in the local jails from those with direct experience, to amplify their voices and to create positive change in the Santa Cruz community.

Participants will be interviewed about their experiences with medical care in the local jails. Interviews will take place at a location mutually agreed upon by the researcher and the participant, and will take approximately one hour. The researchers are committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of all participants. Participants will receive $20 compensation for their time.

To participate, please contact the study coordinator, Roxy Davis, at roxywdavis@ucsc.edu or (831) 222-0289. (Study title: Jail / Care: Amplifying Santa Cruz Community Voices on Health & Incarceration; UCSC IRB study #HS3206)

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