April 6th: No More Deaths! No Mas Muertes!

Since August 2012, at least four people have died in Santa Cruz County Jail from lack of medical care and other inhumane conditions: Christy Sanders, Rick Prichard, Brant Monnet, and Bradley Gordon Dreher.

In July 2012, the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors voted to outsource county jail medical care to Monterey-based California Forensic Medical Group. CFMG provides services for 25 CA counties and has an extensive history of lawsuits against them related to inadequate care, inmate abuse, and neglect.

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The conditions inside the jail amount to torture. We demand that county officials provide real healthcare for those inside, eliminate pretrial detention, and fund homeless service programs and drug treatment centers outside of jail walls.

We heard personal stories of struggle and resistance from people who have experienced the Santa Cruz jail firsthand, as well as representatives from Critical Resistance and Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity.

The Brass Liberation Orchestra joined us, playing live music as we marched through Santa Cruz!


Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 12.17.06 AM

Come out to The Sin Barras Speakout + March Saturday, April 6th to hold California Forensics Medical Group and Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors accountable for the deaths of at least 4 inmates since August!

If you have been impacted by or involved in the fight against the prison system contact us at sinbarras@gmail.com

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