Video + Photo Gallery


Photo by Bradley Stuart

On April 6th 2013, we invited the community to gather at 4pm at the clocktower downtown to demand an end to inhumane conditions inside the county jail. Since August 2012, at least four inmates have died due to lack of medical care. In September 2012, the County Board of Supervisors outsourced medical services to a private company called California Forensic Medical Group, which has a history of lawsuits related to inmate neglect and abuse. The conditions inside the jail amount to torture. We demanded that county officials provide real healthcare for those inside, eliminate pretrial detention, fund new and better program existing homeless service and drug treatment centers outside of jail walls.

Produced by Edgar of Rascuache Production

We protested in order to make these deaths visible, highlight the broader context of overcrowding and lack of healthcare inside California jails and prisons, and create a space for community empowerment. Speakers shared personal stories of struggle and resistance that shed light on the violence of the prison system and strategies for building alternative forms of justice. We also marched through Santa Cruz to amplify these voices.

Produced by Alex Darocy

Photo Credit: Bradley Stuart & Henry Lydecker

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