July 31st: Hunger For Justice

Inmate on hunger strike dies inside Corcoran SHU on Monday – Rest in Power, Billy “Guero” Sell

Wednesday, July 31st, has been called for as an international day of action in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike, Trayvon Martin, and the many Trayvons who have been killed by state and vigilante violence.

In Santa Cruz, at least 37 prisoners have joined the statewide hunger strike to protest the horrendous conditions they are forced to live in. At least 5 people have died in the local jail since August. To amplify the voices of those inside and continue organizing & educating our community, we plan to join this day of action.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sin Barras & allies will do outreach in neighborhoods, downtown, and at the Farmer’s Market with the purpose of engaging community members in face to face conversations about the hunger strike, the case of Trayvon Martin, and connections between the two. At 6:30pm, crowds will gather at the Clocktower on the corner of Water & Pacific Ave. to make these struggles against racism and criminalization visible! Bring banners, candles, signs, whatever you want!

Spread the word via Facebook and Indybay.

Check out this info sheet produced by Sin Barras; feel free to print & distribute.

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Here’s how to get involved! We can be reached by email: sinbarras@gmail.com

-Come to the training on Monday, 6-8pm to learn more about these issues, how to talk to people about them, and what to expect when doing outreach. Email for address!
-Join thousands in a one-day or rolling fast on Wednesday 7/31 in solidarity with the hunger strikers; call Jerry Brown to let him know and email Sin Barras so we can keep a count
-Email us if you can commit to flyering for an hour or two on Wednesday. We want teams out & about all day & we will get you info sheets
-MEET AT THE CLOCKTOWER DOWNTOWN @6:30pm for a wrap-up action

– Bring this to the attention of your friends and family and ask them to call Governor Jerry Brown and let him know you’re in solidarity with the strikers and ask him to meet their demands: (916) 445-2841, (510) 289-0336, (510) 628-0202

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