Hunger for Justice in Santa Cruz

July 31st – International Day of Action *UPDATE*

Inmate on hunger strike dies inside Corcoran SHU on Monday

Rest in Power, Billy “Guero” Sell


This Wednesday, July 31st, has been called for as an international day of action in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike, Trayvon Martin, and the many Trayvons who have been killed by state and vigilante violence.

In Santa Cruz, at least 37 prisoners have joined the statewide hunger strike to protest the horrendous conditions they are forced to live in. At least 5 people have died in the local jail since August. To amplify the voices of those inside and continue organizing & educating our community, we plan to join this day of action.


Statement of Solidarity from Santa Cruz Homeless United for Friends & Freedom (HUFF)

Becky Johnson, one of the Santa Cruz 11 and an organizing member of HUFF, gave a wonderful speech at our Speakout + Rally on April 6th on local homeless issues and conditions in Santa Cruz County Jail. Below is the transcript, audio and video are coming soon:

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower left office in 1961, he warned “Beware the Military-Industrial Complex.” Today, it’s “Beware the Prison-Industrial Complex.” For prisons today have become big business in a country where manufacturing generally is suffering & unemployment rates are high.