Santa Cruz Jail Fight

Sin Barras is leading the local fight in opposing the construction of a new jail in Santa Cruz County.  In addition to organize to end the inhumane conditions in Santa Cruz county jail, at least where 6 people have died since August 2012. The deaths in the jail are caused by the same pattern of unaccountability that recently allowed Officer Darren Wilson to walk free after killing Michael Brown. We are currently organizing a CAGES KILL – FREEDOM RALLY January 17, 2015 to demand immediate medical and safety measures be met to reduce harm faced by those presently incarcerated. Join and circulate the rally here.

Justice For Frank Alvarado & Salinas

On July 8, 2014 our member Frank Alvarado Jr. was shot and killed by Salinas Police. We organize to expose the brutality and racism of the Salinas cops and media, and to support the families and community to win justice for Frank and all killed by Salinas PD, and to end all police murders and brutality. Learn more about Frank here.

Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity

Sin Barras is an active member in the Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity, a coalition based in the Bay Area. For coalition information, visit their website.


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