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Breaking Down the Pipeline

This workshop will illuminate the complicated and sprawling entities of the school to prison pipeline by interrogating how it works, what it does, and who it effects through interactive activities. We will also come up with solutions and alternative forms of justice that students can use and share to break down the pipeline in their community.

– This workshop will need an estimate # of participants, an open space, and a chalkboard/whiteboard. It’s meant to be reflective and the hours are flexible. We’ve done them in 1 ½ hours, but recommend a 2-3 hour time slot to get the most out of the discussions.

Engaging Abolition: Tools for Movement Building

This workshop highlights the importance of utilizing a prison abolitionist framework to empower organizers with the tools necessary for accountability and praxis. We will discuss and share tools to help make educational material more accessible and use a framework of solidarity to better understand our positions within organizing.

– This is a 2-3 hour interactive discussion. We will need an estimate # of participants, flipcharts, markers, and a space that will allow for movement.

Orange is the New Black (Discussion & Presentation)

This discussion will help illuminate the multiple harms that incarcerated women and gender variant people face behind bars, as well as their dynamic resistance to everyday systemic control. We will highlight the absence of informed consent in prison and refuse to let women prisoners remain unseen and unheard. This discussion will encourage participants to think deeply and critically about our own responsibility to redesign a social landscape in which coercion and confinement–and especially punishment for profit–will be replaced with alternatives that make our bodies and communities truly safe.

– This workshop will need an an open space, a mac plug-in, a projector, and a screen. This works best as a 2-4 hour workshop or a two part 1 ½ hour workshop to build trust as a group and create a safer space for growth.